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Corporate Trainings

5 days a week, 8 hours a day (on an average) we spend spearheading the responsibilities of our professional roles. So it is imperative that our self work reflects in how we show up in our professional lives as well. In a way that we are able to lead our professional lives with equanimity that fuels the growth mindset. 

The PurnaYog Corporate Training programs are module based programs that are customised based on the identified objective of the organisation. Few such modules are:

- Daily Stress Regulation

- Hacking the Growth Mindset

- Increasing Productivity

- Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

- Effective Communication

- Self Acknowledgement

- How to show up with Integrity

- Power of Discipline & Consistency 

- Dealing with complex Emotions like unhealthy competition, workspace jealousy, office gossip & fear of uncertainty.

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